Water Equity & Technology

High-road solutions to Greater L.A.’s water needs

In partnership with community organizations, educational institutions and industry, Emerald Cities-Los Angeles launched the Water Equity & Technology initiative to find high-road solutions to Greater L.A.’s water needs. The program’s specific focus is on school-based solutions. Emerald Cities-LA is working with its partners to develop a multiple career pathway program for students in South and Southeast L.A. to build the workforce of the future.

In 2019, EC-LA collaborated with Los Angeles Trade Technical College to pilot a water equity and technology course for high school students. The summer session course introduced students to the topics of the global water crisis, the science of clean water, the socio-political and economic aspects of water equity, and the technology of water management and conservation. Students took field trips to various water management facilities in the Los Angeles area. They also had the opportunity to learn from hydro scientists and water management professionals; and held robust conversations about what it will take to ensure clean water is available and distributed equitably in the future.

The intent of the Water Equity & Technology program is to excite students about pursuing careers in hydro science, technology, environmental conservation, and community organizing so they can join the global movement to not only protect this precious resources, but to ensure water is equitably accessible and distributed.

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Francisco Parra-Camacho
Professor, LATTC & STEAM educator, STEAM Legacy High School
“The water crisis is not anything new. We’ve known for a long time that we are going to, at some point, need to develop the technology and [that] the financial resources need to be put in place to make sure that water is distributed to the areas where it needs to be … The class that we’re offering through LA Trade Technical College, with the support of Emerald Cities here at STEAM Legacy HIgh School, is geared toward taking action.”
Briana Villatoro
Student, STEAM Legacy High School

“It is important to educate ourselves on these things because different countries can’t solve the problem of the water crisis on their own. Everyone needs to collaborate together… You need to educate yourself when you’re youthful and you can still understand the topic and gain a broader understanding of it in the future in order to work at solving it.”


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