Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC)

Improving the health, economies and climate resilience of low-income communities of color

Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that leverages the assets and capacities of large, place-based anchor institutions — such as hospitals, universities and local governments — to improve the health, economies and climate resilience of low-income communities of color. Combining the financial, political and social assets of these communities with the influence and resources of their anchor institutions allows them to not only create jobs, but to shift their food, energy, water and waste sectors to be greener, healthier and economically just.

ARC is co-convened by Emerald Cities Collaborative and Healthcare Without Harm. Go here to learn more about the initiative.

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Meghan Therrian
Food Service Partners, San Francisco

“FSP’s participation in ARC has furthered our internal conversation about buying local. … More and more, [we’re] focusing on purchasing from producers/ranchers that are producing food responsibly.”

Lucia Sayre
Health Without Harm
“This is an opportunity to go beyond addressing acute food insecurity to building processing and distribution infrastructure, increasing sustainable food production in the region, and funding initiatives to modify land use and preserve agricultural land … . All of which are critical steps in our approach to mitigate climate change.”


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ARC, contact: Avni Jamdar, Carli Yoro

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