E-Contractor Academy

Preparing WMDBE contractors to perform and compete for energy and water efficiency retrofit and other green infrastructure projects

E-Contractor Academy is a seven-week training program where small, WMDBE contractors learn to perform energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofit projects. The program typically involves a collaboration between a local or regional government entity and a local financial institution.

Participating contractors learn about the regulatory and technical demands of green infrastructure projects. They also learn to bid and manage large-scale projects that include labor and community workforce standards typical of government, schools, hospitals and other institutions. Training is tailored to specific projects and is also applicable to large-scale green infrastructure projects.

The E-Contractor Academy includes a strategic, comprehensive business support program to ensure that small and minority firms are in the forefront of the emerging green building/construction industry. Specific support services include:

    • Procurement assistance
    • Training/technical assistance and mentoring in the energy efficiency/renewable sector
    • Monitoring and compliance
    • Affiliation with the building and construction trade unions

E-Contractor Academy

The goal of the E-Contractor program is to develop a deep pool of skillful MWDBE contractors who can compete, lead and succeed in the green infrastructure sector. If you are interested in taking your skills to the next level, check out our program sites below. 


Ryan Tittsworth
President RBT Electric Inc., Los Angeles
“[The E-Contractor Academy] was a great way to increase our capacity and learn practical techniques about how to improve our business and compete for larger contracts.”


For more information about
E-Contractor Academy, contact:

Northern California: Avni Jamdar
Southern California: Wendy Angel
Northwest: Steve Gelb
Northeast: Daryl Wright

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