National Programs

RENEW Multi-family 

RENEW Multi-Family, a national program of Emerald Cities Collaborative, provides a comprehensive approach to achieving energy and water efficiency savings in multi-family rental housing serving low- and moderate-income residents.  Building efficiency retrofits result in lower operating costs, improved comfort, health and safety of residents and environmental protection. 

E-Contractor Academy

The E-Contractor Academy is a seven-week training program for small and minority contractors to perform energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofit projects across Los Angeles County, the San Francisco/ Bay Area. and Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC)

Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC) is a place-based program that leverages the assets and capacities of community anchors – large, place-based institutions such as hospitals, universities and local governments) – to improve the health, local economies and climate resilience of low-income communities of color. ARC expands the roles of anchor institutions into a broader approach to wealth-building and climate resilience.  ARC is currently focused on three highly urbanized coastal cities that are at risk of the full spectrum of chronic climate conditions and extreme events: Oakland/Richmond, California; Bronx, New York; and Miami, Florida.

Economic Inclusion Program

ECC’s Economic Inclusion Program (EIP) offers training and customized technical assistance that produce measurable outcomes. These services enable public- and private-sector entities and community partners – including private contractors, local governments, schools, universities, hospitals and other major institutions – to easily and successfully design and implement economic inclusion strategies that connect disadvantaged workers and small and minority businesses to major development projects.

High Road Minority Business Institute

The High Road Accelerated Minority Business Institute (HRAMBI) is a comprehensive capacity building program to ensure that minority businesses/contractors are beneficiaries of major investments in clean energy and participants in mitigating climate change within communities of color.

Architecture, Construction and Engineering Students (ACES)

ECC’s commitment to building a sustainable and just economy for the next generation has taken unique form in Los Angeles, where the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Students (ACES) Pathway Program is preparing high school students for high-road careers.

Community College Initiative

Our community college initiative positions these anchor institutions as leaders in accelerating more environmentally sustainable and just economies. ECC partners with community college systems to help them meet their sustainability commitments. Project outcomes include large-scale carbon reduction as well as creation of high-wage jobs, green tech businesses and sustainable communities. 


Skills Build Us! – The Nation’s Construction Apprentice Assistance Program – is a partnership between ECC and LCPtracker, Inc., a company specializing in construction site compliance-related software. Our campaign is designed to help ease the construction industry’s skilled labor shortage and help disadvantaged workers, women and veterans begin high-wage careers in construction by covering the cost of initiation fees, tools, boots or other expenses. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to this worthy cause.  

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