Environment. Economy. Equity.

Efficient energy, reduced waste, large-scale building retrofits, and environmental prosperity for America’s cities.

Environment. Economy. Equity.

Public dollars used with private investments to support high-road jobs, business development, and sustained local economies.

Environment. Economy. Equity.

Diverse coalitions that use career paths, standards, and policy to make sure all populations benefit from the growth of a well-paid, well-trained green workforce and emerging green economy.

The Emerald Cities

Atlanta. Cleveland. Los Angeles. Milwaukee. New York. Oakland. Portland. Providence. San Francisco. Seattle.

Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) is a national non-profit network of organizations working together to advance a sustainable environment while creating economic opportunities for all. We’re headquartered in Washington D.C. and are working in ten “Emerald Cities” nationwide. Our local and national partners bring resources and expertise from the community, labor, business, and government sectors. 

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President's Perspective

President's Perspective

The Drum Beat Gets Louder

The drums are beating louder than ever.  At last.   A growing interest in ‘community and equity inclusion’ seems palpable, especially in the world of sustainable and economic development.  I have spoken and par…

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