How It Works

The RENEW Multi-Family green building coach guides building owners and managers through the energy retrofit process, ensuring that an organization’s time and resources are used efficiently and effectively. 

RENEW Multi-Family focuses on three main areas:

  • Energy Savings – New technologies have fueled a revolution in building energy efficiency, unleashing potential energy cost savings of 20 to 40 percent.

  • Water Savings – The cost of water and the cost of energy to heat water are significant operating expenses for multi-family housing owners. Implementing the latest technologies in water conservation can reduce water use and associated operating costs. 

  • Solar/ Renewable Power Generation – RENEW works to address major barriers to on-site installation of solar and renewable energy systems with innovative but tested solutions in financing, contracting and performance monitoring. The long-term ownership of affordable housing makes renewable energy an outstanding value.

RENEW often uses a portfolio approach, bundling several buildings into a larger project for advantageous development and financing costs. Specifically, RENEW provides:  


Benchmarking Digitize building data on a cloud-based energy and water tracking program to determine the best opportunities.
Resource Assessments Conduct a comprehensive onsite assessment of the energy and water use of buildings to identify potential upgrades.
Project Development Develop a cost effective scope of work, plans and specifications for bidding, and assist in the biddy and contractor selection
Funding & Financing Assemble a financing package that complies with all program regulations, mortgage requirements and investor restrictions.
Project Management Manage the construction process, contract compliance, and incentive programs to ensure a successful high quality upgrade project.
Commissioning & Training Ensure building systems are operating correctly, that staff is trained on the proper use and maintenance of the systems, and educate tenants to achieve full benefit of the installed upgrades.
Monitoring & Verification Set up program for ongoing monitoring, verification, and corrective actions to ensure long-term success.  

Tracking water and energy use on the WeGoWise platform

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