Building Electrification Equity Project

Supporting local efforts to transition from an extractive energy system to a renewable one

Climate change is redefining how we live our lives in fundamental ways. Our food, transit, water, and energy systems are being re-engineered and rebuilt to eliminate the use of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) in our economy. While the transition from the carbon-dependent low road, to a clean-power high road is unavoidable, it involves much more than just a technology shift.

The Building Electrification Movement has emerged to create the political will and momentum to move beyond building efficiency to electrify our residential and commercial buildings. ECC’s The Building Electrification Equity (The BEE) Project was established to better understand the costs and benefits of building electrification to low-income, communities of color and to make certain that these communities — which have the most to gain and lose — are active participants in this major policy arena.

Since its launch in 2017, the BEE project has developed a suite of recommendations for foundations, utilities and local governments; hosted workshops and webinars for environmental justice and climate justice advocates; and produced reports, toolkits, videos and other tools to help inspire, support and guide stakeholders as they undertake this imperative transition.

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