2014 Emerald Cities Seattle Goals

Large Commercial Building Efficiency  

  • Emerald Cities Seattle will help lead a coalition of groups to advocate for policies that will enable Seattle to achieve the commercial and multi-family building portions of its aggressive climate goals to become carbon neutral by 2050.  The cornerstone for driving building energy efficiency will be the requirement for building owners to achieve all cost effective energy and water efficiency in their commercial buildings over 20,000 square feet by 2020.


  • Facilitate the stakeholder process funded by the Seattle City Council to consider the feasibility of a Community Workforce Program for some Seattle City Light incentives in large commercial retrofits.
  • Complete the creation of an educational program to present the benefits of a high road workforce for building owners, contractors and the community.  Present the program to building owners and other organizations considering workforce standards. 

Project Development

  • Complete development of the Emerald Cities Seattle Sustainability for Affordable Housing Program and complete two sets of pilot projects with non-profit housing owners in order to prepare program for to scale up and launch to the affordable housing owners in the Seattle metro area by the end of 2014. 

Membership and Organization

  • Increase engagement of members while being sensitive to time limitations and commitments in part by developing consistent meeting schedules and communications to improve the ease of engagement for members. 
  • Executive Committee will engage each committee member as a champion for a current active initiative of Emerald Cities Seattle.
  • Revise and clarify the role and responsibilities of the Advisory Council and recruit members to represent the broad interests of the community who can provide advice in support of ECS initiatives

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