The Organization

Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) is a national nonprofit network of organizations working together to advance a sustainable environment while creating high-road — sustainable, just and inclusive — economies with opportunities for all. ECC develops energy, green infrastructure and other sustainable development projects that not only contribute to the resilience of our metropolitan regions but also ensure an equity stake for low-income communities of color in the green economy. This includes developing the economic infrastructure for family-supporting wages and career paths for residents of such communities, as well as contracting opportunities for women, minority and other disadvantaged businesses.

Our three-part mission is to:


Green our Cities, 

by reducing carbon emissions to create a healthful, resilient, sustainable environment whose benefits are shared equitably by communities of color and low-income communities. Our work includes energy and water efficiency retrofits of buildings in the MUSH sector (municipal, universities, schools, hospitals), as well as multi-family affordable housing.



Build our Communities,

through training, jobs and labor standards to support the growth of a well-paid, well-trained workforce and sustained local economies



Strengthen our Democracy,

through coalitions that support our metropolitan regions in ways that are accountable and equitable and that engage historically excluded and hard-to-reach populations, including low-income workers, immigrants and communities of color.


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