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Collaborative Model

All of our efforts involve a diverse cadre of skilled leaders in government, labor, community, and business, who have all subscribed to high-road community sustainability, around energy efficiency and beyond. We identify the needs of our Emerald Cities & meet those needs with our partnerships. The collaboration allows us to build accessible social capital within our communities, promote shared learning and action, bridge historical community-labor-policy divides, and produce broad-based, sustainable outcomes. Local councils must engage community groups including social justice advocates, development intermediaries, neighborhood associations, religious organizations, and social service providers, with particular representation of low-income and minority populations.We actively leverage the engagement of our Board organizations, and utilize technology to keep everyone connected.


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Large-Scale Retrofits

Emerald Cities Collaborative targets energy efficiency retrofit work within the large commercial and MUSH+ markets - Municipal, University, Schools, and Hospitals, plus multi-family and affordable housing - in each Emerald City. Philanthropic or business partners such as private developers, signatory contractors, Workforce Investment Boards, community development finance institutions, or green investors, as well as respected leaders within the civic sector, are required in each city. The mayor of each Emerald City must publicly agree to comprehensively and equitably retrofit the city’s building stock within ten years, and agree to work with Emerald Cities partners to develop the plan.


briefcase iconCommunity & Workforce Development

We go beyond consumer demand and aim to change community attitudes and behaviors around energy efficiency. We make sure that local residents, particularly those historically excluded such as low-income residents, immigrants, and communities of color, directly benefit from the energy efficiency work being done in their communities and are included in the development of their region's new green economy. We employ updated training and educational pathways and include community workforce agreements and labor standards in all of our projects to ensure local hire and high wages.  The Building and Construction Trades Council and its affiliated local unions must formally endorse Emerald Cities efforts and goals with a standard resolution and agree to collaborate with community partners, civic leadership, and city government.

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