Program Coordinator, Emerald Cities Bay Area (CA)

Please forward resume to: Emerald Cities Collaborative, San Francisco

Attn: Avni Jamdar
1028A Howard Street
San Francisco CA 94103

Overview of Position

The program coordinator is located in Oakland or San Francisco, CA. 100% FTE – Salary commensurate with experience.

The successful candidate will implement models and programs that advance Emerald Cities Bay Area’s high road agenda. The particular focus is on “building our communities” by creating family wage careers, business opportunities and community ownership, wealth, especially for low-income communities of color by leveraging significant investments in green infrastructure projects.

The range of responsibilities include:

  • Administrative support and coordination of the Bay Area programs including ARC.
  • Oversee and maintain contacts, salesforce needs, and collecting of data/metrics that are critical for program deliverables.
  • Defining and communicating project objectives to all stakeholders that are clear, useful and attainable.
  • Managing the delivery of project requirements like community engagement and support, information delivery, agreements and material development, and support in workforce pathway design or technology needed to accomplish project objectives.
  • Support the development of careers in the green economy by supporting community partners training programs, certifications, and recruitment from underrepresented communities.
  • Strengthen local workforce collaboratives and infrastructure to support job access for disadvantaged workers and support of local small business, especially from communities of color.
  • Coordinating with staff and participating in regular weekly development meetings for programs as needed.
  • Keep current on local/state policies, local community initiatives and green economy opportunities in key sectors (energy, waste, manufacturing, transit etc.)

Partnership and Project Development

Serve as the primary liaison and facilitator between EC East Bay partners, the national ECC, and other Emerald Cities sites.

  • Facilitate collaboration of local partners to develop strategic work plans for meeting program objectives, and metrics for monitoring progress in programs.
  • Forge and develop relationships with new organizations.
  • Actively engage and maintain positive and productive relationships with and between local partners, anticipating and overcoming barriers to progress and success of work plan and maintaining member participation
  • Seek and develop additional program resources, including public and private sector grants and donations, and business support

Communications and Marketing

Overall responsibility for every aspect of communications and marketing for EC Bay Area, including but not limited to:

  • Coordination with national ECC staff on marketing strategies and promotion of Emerald Cities and specifically local Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC) initiative
  • In collaboration with local partners and under guidance of leadership team, create marketing strategies and local EC Bay Area identity needed to achieve program goals
  • Motivate and provide support to EC Bay Area partners to increase consistency and efficacy of communications regarding EC Bay Area to their organizations
  • Create “success reports” or ‘case studies’ or ‘lessons learned’ on program achievements for EC Bay Area and ARC website, partners, and media


Skills and Knowledge Required

  • Master’s Degree or Bachelor degree with 5-7 years of professional work related experience.
  • Exceptional writing, editing, presentation and verbal skills as well as, knowledge of digital software, platforms and social media applications.
  • Strong organization, strategic planning and analytic skills.
  • Ability to work independently and with a team of varied partners, understanding the political dynamics in which they operate.
  • Group facilitation and communication skills with varied stakeholders including business, labor, government officials, and community organizations.
  • Analytic, clear thinker who can translate complex problems for partners unfamiliar with program goals and strategies in a clear and objective manner.
  • Exceptional social skills in a professional, multi-disciplinary context.
  • Knowledge of energy efficiency, water, climate resiliency, community benefits agreements (CBA), and community workforce agreements.
  • Knowledge in policy advocacy and current state and federal efforts in climate change, resilience and mitigation.

Professional Qualities Desired

  • Self-starting individual with a can-do attitude
  • Collaborative and inspirational nature
  • Highly energetic, organized, focused, reliable, hard-working
  • Strong commitment to mission and vision of Emerald Cities

The successful candidate will implement models and programs that advance Emerald Cities Bay Area’s high road agenda. The particular focus is on “building our communities” by creating family wage careers, business opportunities and community ownership, wealth, especially for low-income communities of color by leveraging significant investments in green infrastructure projects.

The program coordinator will report to Emerald Cities Bay Area Director and is responsible for day-to-day needs in handling aspects of the local site’s program objectives and goals. The program coordinator will support the ARC Manager as well as Economic Inclusion Manager with program deliverables and needs. The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the client and to form close links with the ECC national staff, local site directors and current program partners is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality and above all, stakeholder satisfaction, is realized.

The goal is to ensure that historically underrepresented groups are full participants in the emerging green economy. The candidate will help ensure that local infrastructure investments lead to job quality jobs and career access, ensuring strong labor and community standards in our local markets.

An important part of the work, and therefore the position, is to develop revenue-generating projects through grants and contracts to provide economic inclusion services to public, non-profit and private sector organizations.

Please forward resume to: Emerald Cities Collaborative, San Francisco

Attn: Avni Jamdar
1028A Howard Street
San Francisco CA 94103

Manager, Economic Inclusion and Community Engagement Emerald Cities Bay Area (CA)

Overview of Position

The Manager is a mid-level position within Emerald Cities Collaborative based in the Bay Area and will report to Emerald Cities Bay Area Director. 100% FTE – Salary commensurate with experience.

This new position will support EC BayArea in 3 core areas:

1) program management/development, 2) external communications/community engagement/, and 3) project coordination and operations.

Duties will include the following:

Program Management/Development:

  • Program management support on SF Climate Equity and Community Engagement Collaborative - SF CE+CE, RENEW Multifamily, E-Contractor Academy, City of East Palo Alto, Building Electrification advocacy and technical assistance, and other local and national initiatives to support the SF Bay Area Director;
  • Provide support to expand East Bay programs around building decarbonization and community engagement.
  • Provide program coordination for the City of East Palo Alto First Source Hiring Policy;
  • Provide planning support to statewide energy efficiency training academies;
  • Help develop regional economic inclusion hub for training small contractors and disadvantaged workers in building decarbonization and green sector work;
  • Pursue new sources of funding including writing proposals and responding to contracting opportunities with local and state agencies.

Communications/Community Engagement

  • Establishing and strengthening working relationships other Emerald Cities chapters, with the National Emerald Cities Collaborative, with businesses, community groups, and government
  • Support material development for presentations to large groups of diverse stakeholders

Project Development & Management

  • Work with a variety of stakeholders (Elected officials, workforce intermediaries, union and business representatives, contractors, foundations, Community Colleges, etc.) around project implementation needs/challenges: workforce pathways and training programs;
  • Identifying and planning RENEW retrofit projects, including their financing.


Education and Experience:

  • Three to five years’ experience in a leadership position for programs or campaigns related to environment, social justice, labor, the unionized construction industry, or community advocacy or organizing;
  • Experience in the clean energy or sustainability sectors as they relate to economic inclusion issues;
  • Bachelor’s degree required, graduate degree preferred, with special preference to degrees in Urban Planning, Public Policy, Labor Studies, Environmental Sciences, Business, or Construction Management;
  • LEED certification a plus.

Some knowledge or experience in the following:

  • Retrofit of buildings, especially for energy and water conservation;
  • Construction project planning, finance, and implementation;
  • Pre-apprenticeship and Joint Labor-Management apprenticeship programs;
  • Knowledge of LCPTracker, Elations, B2GNow and Salesforce platforms to do workforce tracking;
  • Construction labor agreements, including master agreements, project labor agreements, and community workforce agreements;
  • Nonprofit agency management;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Policy and legislative analysis; and
  • Working with diverse stakeholders including various ethnic, language, and income groups, business and labor, elected officials, financial institutions and others.

Additional skills (required):

  • Facility with computer and communications technology use and with basic office programs, including for bookkeeping;
  • Strong speaking skills, ability to engage a variety of stakeholders in a friendly and effective manner;
  • High abilities in verbal and written communication; and
  • Organization and attention to detail.

Please forward resume to: Emerald Cities Collaborative, San Francisco

Attn: Avni Jamdar
1028A Howard Street
San Francisco CA 94103

Climate Justice Director, Just Transition Federation

Overview of Position

Organizational/Federation Background

The Just Transition Federation is a newly established collaborative project of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program and Emerald Cities Collaborative that includes a national network of clean energy, environmental and economic justice organizations. Emerald Cities Collaborative is the Federation’s fiscal agent providing organizational stewardship for its mission: to shepherd private sectors’ climate commitments toward deep investments in the sustainability and climate resilience of frontline communities,[1] enabling self-determination, economic security, and restorative and transformative justice by values-aligned corporations.

The Just Transition Federation, is a capacity building and technical assistance network organized to help Microsoft – and other like-minded corporations – design and implement its justice-centered sustainable development commitments. Participants in the Federation are mission-driven (primarily 501c3) organizations dedicated to ensuring that low-income and Black Indigenous and Communities of Color (BIPOC) are beneficiaries of the clean energy future. These organizations have extensive networks and relationships in these communities. Moreover, they offer technical capacities and track records in: 1) environmental justice and energy democracy, 2) clean energy organizing, education, and planning, 3) workforce education and training, 4) minority, women, disadvantaged business training, 5) cooperative energy planning, financing and development, and 6) clean energy policy planning and development. The Program Director will shape on-going collaborations between corporate sustainability teams and Just Transition Federation members, which are expected to expand over time with additional resourcing and staffing.

Project Background

The Just Transition Federation was brought together by and with the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program (ECJP) and Emerald Cities Collaborative in response to a call for partnership from Microsoft’s Cloud Operations and Innovations (CO+I) division. The focus was to develop a model comprehensive justice-centered corporate sustainability initiative to get Microsoft to Net Zero by 2030 including large scale renewable energy, waste, water, and ecology initiatives

The initial partnership involved a series of workshops in May 2020 bringing together equal numbers of Microsoft sustainability/renewable energy staff and ECJ leaders. After multiple learning conversations about corporate energy procurement and energy democracy and justice, the group applied shared wisdom to begin to identify best practices for all corporate energy projects and a specific upcoming deal between Microsoft and Sol Systems. The result was the CEO’s recent announcement to purchase the first 500MW of clean energy with a community benefit rider that includes: 1) targeting projects in energy/climate-impacted communities, 2) utilizing Black and brown enterprises as producers/suppliers, and 3) developing a $50 million investment fund to support community needs.

The initial project focuses on justice-centered corporate renewable purchasing models. The CO+I division expects to purchase 2GW of renewable energy each year through 2022 with a substantial commitment to environmental/energy justice. The Federation envisions the successful build-out of CO+I’s first tranche of 500MW of renewable energy (utility-scale, micro-grids and building-mounted) within and in partnership with communities most impacted by energy and climate injustices. The Federation’s core function is to aggregate community energy projects, in partnership with Sol Systems, while strengthening community and corporate capacity to implement community-based clean energy principles, practices and projects. The goal is to leverage the Federation’s extensive networks to deliver affordable and clean energy to and with these frontline communities, while addressing long-standing issues of environmental, economic and social justice as a procurement model for corporate renewable energy.

Position Description

The Just Transition Federation Program Director position is a management position in Emerald Cities Collaborative and is responsible for overall program management in partnership with the NAACP ECJP and ECC directors. The successful candidate is: 1) experienced in environmental justice, 2) works with and in BIPOC communities; 3) an effective facilitator of corporate-community relationships, 4) experienced in climate justice, clean energy and sustainable development projects, and 5) able to implement capacity building programs. This full-time position includes working alongside additional staffing resources allocated from the partnering entities.

The candidate will proactively organize and facilitate the work of the Just Transition Federation by managing relationships among all participants, liaising with Microsoft and Sol Systems staff, and building strategic vision with NAACP ECJP and Emerald Cities leadership. The candidate will work alongside dozens of collaborators to facilitate the Just Transition Federation’s scope of work, detailed below:

  • Establish and implement corporate-community learning communities to advance shared learning, values and strategies, including community solar, waste and circular economy and water, effective community engagement and economic inclusion
  • Organize and facilitate federation steering and working committee meetings to Inform, review, and provide feedback on a measurement framework that establishes a methodology for estimating and ground-truthing environmental and social justice outcomes from Microsoft-enabled initiatives
  • Assist in development of working corporate-community development models in community solar, workforce and supplier diversity, solar project development, financing and implementation
  • Support inflight pilot projects that integrate environmental social justice elements to renewable energy and energy access initiatives by providing subject matter expertise to inform strategy, partnership structures, and accountability mechanisms
  • Design and support the development and implementation of the $50 million Community Investment Fund, including governance structure, small grants program design and management
  • Identify aggregate community solar projects in partnership with developers (e.g., SolSystems), including micro-grids and building mounted in partnership with communities most vulnerable to climate impacts
  • Organize community capacity building and technical assistance services, including SME engagement and advisement
  • Design and develop new sector initiatives in waste, water and biodiversity/ecology.


The responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to:

Administrative/Financial Management & Communications (Internal/External)

  • Play a leading role in supporting the day-to-day operations of the Federation by helping prepare, organize, lead, and facilitate meetings;
  • Build digital spaces for shared resources and tools for Federation participants;
  • Coordinate work across internal teams while advancing a smooth and transparent process of information exchange between teams;
  • Provide clear and consistent communications to NAACP ECJP, ECC, and CO+I leadership in regular check-in and planning meetings;
  • Provide senior-level administrative support including reviewing and routing correspondence, drafting letters and documents, collecting and analyzing information as needed, contacting management, and processing expenses;
  • Manage grant disbursements;
  • Market and communicate program activities with Microsoft and partners, including blogs, op-eds, news releases, seminars/workshops, etc.

Network/Relationship Development & Management

  • Cultivate and sustain relationships with each Federation participant, to promote a leader-full network and a culture of community care, consensus, solidarity, trust, joy, and commitment;
  • Establish mission and vision for the Federation; governance systems for committees; meeting schedules and logistics; roles and responsibilities for each participant; timelines; compensation; and methods for evaluation;
  • Formalize a Memorandum of Understanding with all parties confirming the agreements above;
  • Support and take a lead role in knowledge-sharing within the Federation;

Program Development & Management

  • Provide ongoing research, background information, and analytical support for Federation participants in their development and implementation of project steps;
  • Work with advisory committee members and subject matter experts to facilitate the development of model community-driven solar projects, civic engagement strategies, and economic inclusion initiatives;
  • Assist in the design, development and implementation of a $50m Community Investment Fund and serve on the investment fund advisory board;
  • Organize and support a learning community of industry-community partners around environmental justice, energy democracy, waste, community engagement, and other relevant topics;
  • Document partnership, Federation, and community investment fund governance systems; selection criteria for partnerships, solar project sites, and community investment fund grantees; community-level technical assistance support systems; evaluation methodologies for community benefits and corporate learning community outcomes; etc. in order to develop a model/toolkit for NAACP, ECC, and the public can implement with other corporate entities;
  • Assist in the design and implementation of evaluation metrics.

Project Development

  • Liaison with renewable energy developers and Microsoft in community investment project selection and development
  • Promote best practices for community involvement to renewable energy development partners
  • Develop and promote announcements, outreach, and convenings to invite community-level participation in energy projects and funding opportunities;
  • Research, develop and maintain partnerships with additional implementation partners as needed in local sites, such as faith-based organizations, unions, economic development organizations, professional associations, and BIPOC constituency groups;


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience;
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in nonprofit, foundation, government, and/or community organizing work;
  • Demonstrated modeling of high levels of integrity, ethics, and trust;
  • Demonstrated commitment to civil rights/economic and racial justice/ECJ/anti-racism and anti-oppression and a passion for just energy transition;
  • Strategy execution and/or project management experience is preferred;
  • Strong execution and organization skills and demonstrated experience in prioritizing and executing multiple priorities/projects with excellent attention to detail;
  • Work effectively both independently, as well as, in a team-oriented, collaborative environment;
  • Demonstrated proactive problem-solving skills with strong decision-making capability;
  • Extensive facilitation experience;
  • Demonstrated technical proficiency with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; and
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and excellent relationship building skills.

Frontline communities are groups of people who are directly affected by climate change and inequity in society at higher rates than people who have more power in society. They are “on the frontlines” of the problem. For example, people of color, people who are low income, who have disabilities, who are children or elderly, who are LGBTQ, who identify as women, etc. have less advantages and access to resources in our society than other people. In the context of climate change, frontline communities’ health, income, and access to resources is less than people who have social privilege (people who are white, upper middle-class or upper-class, able-bodied, in middle age ranges, heterosexual, nontrans, etc.). In other words, people who experience oppression because of race, income, gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, etc. are more likely to have less resources and protections in our society in general and even less access to resources and protections not only to adapt to our changing climate but also to pass policies and legislation that are fair and culturally significant.

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