High Road Minority Business Institute


The High Road Accelerated Minority Business Institute (HRAMBI) is a comprehensive capacity building program to ensure that minority businesses/contractors are beneficiaries of major investments in clean energy and participants in mitigating climate change within communities of color.


Vibrant local and regional economies dedicated to high road standards of sustainability, fair wages and business practices that are also inclusive and democratic. 


To position small, minority, women, disadvantaged and veteran-owned firms as leaders in the high road construction sector with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in socially responsible green building and construction.


High road contractors from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities with state-of-the art training, technical assistance and resources are major actors in the growing clean economy and are indispensable for fixing a legacy of  income, wealth, health and environmental inequities in these communities.


Accelerate the widespread adoption of high road public and private sector contracting practices and green construction/building skills among minority, women, disadvantaged firms to ensure vulnerable communities benefit from the environmental and economic benefits of the growing clean economy.

E-CONTRACTOR BOSTON (https://e-contractoracademy.com/boston)

E-CONTRACTOR LOS ANGELES (https://e-contractoracademy.com/los-angeles)

E-CONTRACTOR SEATTLE (https://e-contractoracademy.com)


National and Local Contacts

National: Denise Fairchild, President & CEO |dfairchild@emeraldcities.org
Tabaris Smith, Program Coordinator  | tdsmith@emeraldcities.org 

ECC National Office: 1140 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 900 | Washington, DC 20036 | 202-449-9780| www.emeraldcities.org

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