Winnie Wakaba

Economic Inclusion Manager, Northwest

Winnie Wakaba, a Kenyan American, is a Developmental Economist passionate about solving problems through data-driven decision making. She has over 10 years of project management expertise, five years of experience in gender-based advocacy, including financial inclusion and equity in emerging markets and in the nonprofit space. Winnie worked at the U.S. Department of

Commerce as an Economic Development Specialist, at Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) as a Program Officer, and in the Peace Corps where gender equity and empowerment were her mission. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics from Union College and a Master’s degree in Developmental Economics from Howard University. 

She now manages workforce development for the Northwest team at Emerald Cities Collaborative, where she supports BIPOC community members entering high road jobs in clean energy. She is trilingual in Kiswahili, English, and Kikuyu, and hope to learn Ewe in the future. She is also passionate about traveling and how travel affects the communities in which we chose to travel.