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ECC Statement on Clean Power Plan


“Reducing carbon emissions to meet the requirements of EPA’s Clean Power Plan will literally bring a breath of fresh air to minority and low-income communities that are plagued with higher rates of cancer, respiratory diseases such as asthma and other pollution-related illness. And as states increase their use of energy efficiency and renewable energy, the resulting clean energy economy will deliver jobs and economic development to frontline communities.

“In that vein, we applaud the plan’s inclusion of early ‘deployment of energy efficiency improvements in low-income communities that need it the most’ and its recognition of energy efficiency ‘as a cost-effective and widely-available carbon reduction tool.’

“To ensure that low-income communities share fully and equitably in the new clean energy economy, it is imperative that our voices be heard as governors develop state carbon reduction plans. Minorities and the poor must no longer be left behind in ‘energy ghettos’ that lack access to the energy efficiency measures and renewable power that lower energy bills and create a more healthful environment.”


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