ECC, LCPtracker, Partner on Skills Build Us! – The Nation’s Construction Apprentice Assistance Program


ECC and LCPtracker, Inc. – a company that provides construction site compliance software – have joined forces to raise money for disadvantaged workers, women and veterans facing financial barriers to apprenticeship training such as the cost of initiation fees, tools or boots. The effort, Skills Build Us! – The Nation’s Construction Apprentice Assistance Program, will also help address the nation’s growing shortage of skilled construction workers, which is expected to approach 2 million by 2018 and is aggravated by the 17 percent of skilled workers who will retire in coming years.

The national fundraising campaign was launched at LCPtracker’s recent 6th Annual User Conference, which drew hundreds of construction company representatives. EC Los Angeles Program Director Veronica Soto joined LCPtracker President and CEO Mark Douglas in asking attendees to make tax-deductible contributions to Skills Build Us!, thereby opening paths to apprenticeship for diverse workers including women, veterans, the homeless, emancipated foster youth, residents of public housing and more.

In addition, LCPtracker will leverage its significant client base and its key industry relationships to promote this new initiative, which will help ensure the availability of the next generation of skilled workers and enable more people to enter high-wage construction careers.

Said Douglas: “This program is designed to help pave the way for disadvantaged workers in our communities to transition into construction careers. My goal is to have thousands of contractors participate in helping people who want and need jobs and give them a chance to get those jobs.  With the worker shortage, it only makes sense that contractors help train and educate the workforce this industry so desperately needs.  What better way to do this than by changing the lives of these people while at the same time addressing our national skilled labor shortage?”

“Billions of dollars in construction activity may be at risk due to a skilled labor shortage, yet many disadvantaged people, veterans and women are ready and willing to fill those jobs,” Soto said. “Skills Build Us! addresses artificial barriers that block workers seeking entry to high-wage careers – the cost of a pair of boots, a union initiation fee, transportation or other simple but critical needs. Together with LCPtracker, ECC invites our construction industry partners to help build the skilled workforce they need by contributing to this unique and timely program.”

Community Service Event with ACES
The conference featured a community service event during which students enrolled in the Architecture, Construction, Engineering Students (ACES) Pathway Program at Los Angeles County’s STEAM Legacy High School demonstrated their woodworking skills. Conference attendees pitched in to help them construct about a half dozen wooden benches, to be donated to senior citizens in the community for use in their homes. ECC donated the materials used to construct the benches.

Prior to the building activity, STEAM Legacy 9th grader Lesly Deanda made brief remarks to the conference about the ACES program, which prepares students for technical careers, enrolls them in related community college courses and offers paid summer internships in related professions. She said several of the conferees gave the students their business cards so they could be contacted about internship opportunities.

“Knowing that opportunities were being given to me for the hard work I was doing made me feel amazing and very appreciated,” Deandra said. “I hope many that were in the conference saw that we are the next generation of future engineers, architects and construction workers, and that we're serious about our futures.” 


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