ECC Joins More Than 450 Organizations, Individuals & Businesses Calling for 100% Renewable Energy in U.S.

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Following participation by ECC Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs Felipe Floresca on a panel, sponsored by Environment America, urging a shift to 100 percent renewable energy, ECC is among hundreds of signatories to a letter to Congress reiterating that call. Environment America works in 29 states to build a cleaner, greener, healthier future. The panel, held at Georgetown University in mid-November, also included speakers from environmental advocacy and social justice groups and energy efficiency and renewable energy experts.

From left, Felipe Floresca, ECC; Anna Aurilio, Environment America; Gaia Mattiace, Georgetown Renewable Energy & Environment Network; Arjun Makhijani, Institute for Energy & Environmental Research; Annie Gilleo, ACEEE; Anna Hofmann, Environment AmericaECC is now among the more than 450 organizations, local officials, academics, civic leaders and businesses signing the letter to Congress in support of House Resolution 50/Senate Resolution 540, which recommend “a rapid, steady shift to 100 percent renewable energy,” according to Environment America.

Noting the disparate negative health and climate impacts of fossil fuel use on low-income communities, communities of color and indigenous people, the letter calls on America to “be a leader on clean energy, reaping the economic and environmental benefits inherent in the global transition.”

In Environment America’s news release on the letter, Floresca is quoted as follows: “As our country goes through a clean energy revolution, we want to ensure that low income and communities of color are not left behind. We cannot afford to have an energy divide and create energy ghettos. There is an energy democracy movement developing with a clear intent of utilizing renewable energy as a critical tool to promote local sustainability, economic development and community resilience. With energy democracy, the goal is 100 percent renewable energy for all.”

The letter adds that recent progress along this path “should give us the confidence that we can take renewable energy to the next level,” and that America’s “virtually unlimited reserves of renewable energy from the wind, the sun, the earth and the oceans” create “a viable path to 100 percent renewable energy.”

Examples cited include the ability to meet current electricity needs “more than 100 times over with solar energy and more than 10 times over with wind energy.” The letter also notes “a strong commitment to saving energy with building retrofits and other energy efficiency measures” and advances in electric vehicles and other transportation options that do not require burning fossil fuels.

The letter concludes by reiterating the need “to ensure that the transition to clean energy helps lift up low-income and minority communities that have suffered some of the worst impacts of pollution. 


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