Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC) Case Studies Now Available


Anchor Institutions Help Build Community Health, Wealth, Climate Resilience 

With support from the Kresge Foundation, ECC has produced a set of reports detailing how its work harnessing the purchasing power and presence of anchor institutions – primarily hospitals – is helping to build health, wealth and climate resilience in three low-income communities of color: East Bay San Francisco; Miami, FL; and Bronx, N.Y.  Each project is a collaborative endeavor of ECC with Health Care Without Harm and MIT CoLab.

The reports include:

ARC launched as demonstration projects in three of the nation’s most climate -impacted urban areas, with each site acting as a learning laboratory for building community resilience and focusing on different strategies towards that end. Specifically: 

  • ARC San Francisco-East Bay targets anchor procurement strategies to strengthen economic resilience by reinvesting in building a local, sustainable food and energy sector;
  • ARC Miami forges a labor union-hospital partnership to conduct community outreach and education around community wellness and climate resilience, with the goal of producing an authentic Community Health Need Assessment (CHNA) and re-investments in community resilience; and
  • ARC Bronx leverages the resources of its anchor partners to focus on both the energy and economic resilience of its target community.


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