Seattle City Council Climate Action Plan Resolution Summary

  1. The city Council will make policy and budget decisions based on a complete analysis of each recommendation’s costs and benefits to the public and private sectors.  
  2. By September 30, 2013 OSE will prepare an implementation plan for actions to be implemented by 2015 and will include:

    1. Develop a comprehensive adaptation strategy
    2. Research the benefits of pricing policies on climate protection, transportation and community goals
    3. Based on a comprehensive review of the Community Power Works program, transition the Community Power Works -- Home pilot program to an established program that assists homeowners with energy efficiency upgrades;
    4. Expand district energy systems on First Hill and into the South Lake Union and Denny Triangle neighborhoods;
    5. Pilot a utility incentive program that would pay for actual energy savings over time instead of providing up-front payment for projected savings;
    6. Evaluate opportunities (including pilot projects) for the energy code to focus on total energy performance instead of prescriptive requirements;
    7. Require buildings undergoing major renovation or change of use to come close to the energy performance requirement for new buildings; and
    8. Develop and test a program for rating and disclosing home energy performance


Suggested Emerald Cities Seattle Engagement with OSE and CAP:

  1. Continue to focus on affordable multi-family housing since these individuals and families, and the organizations that serve them, are particularly at risk from the threat of climate change.  Focus on this area should be part of both the prevention and adaptation strategies. 
  2. Explore pricing policies that can stimulate increased investment in energy efficiency in buildings. 
  3. Make sure that in the transition of the Community Power Works program the High Road Agreement and programs to reach low income homeowners are preserved and enhanced. 
  4. Help to promote programs that can stimulate energy efficiency retrofits in our building stock including expanding district energy, performance based utility incentives, enhanced energy codes, and home energy disclosure.  Develop strategies to included workforce standards and career opportunities as these programs are launched and lead to expanded implementation of energy efficiency retrofits.  
  5. Work with OSE and other city departments to develop energy efficiency and connected workforce strategies in municipal buildings to show city leadership in a triple bottom line approach to climate action.
  6. Long term, support policies and funding proposals that advance the Climate Action Plan.  

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