Energy Efficiency In Commercial Buildings Program in Seattle


Emerald Cities Seattle and Seattle 2030 District co-sponsored a breakfast at the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) to learn about how incentives, financing and an energy services agreement can create a compelling economic story for large commercial building owners. Over 100 people gathered to hear from:

  • Emerald Cities Seattle leaders
  •  President of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Maud Daudon
  • President of the Seattle Foundation, Norman B. Rice
  • Mayor of Seattle, Michael McGinn

The mayor spoke about how the Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings program to retrofit large commercial buildings benefits the local economy, the local environment and the local community.  The breakfast featured the compelling story of how the million-dollar energy efficiency retrofit of the WAC generated positive cash flow. Panel experts explained the process that they went through to get the retrofit to generate money since its inception.  We also welcomed workers who directly benefited from the Direct Entry Program into the IBEW as part of the Community Workforce Agreement that was administered by Emerald Cities Seattle. The event was used as a platform to get feedback on and explain the Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings program and how it will benefit organizations in Seattle. 

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