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EC Rhode Island is supporting H 5369, the Clean Energy Investment and Carbon Pricing Act of 2017. Like its 2016 predecessor, the bill seeks to curb greenhouse gas emissions by taxing carbon pollution. It puts a $15/ton tax “on petroleum products at their first point of sale in Rhode Island, on electric suppliers based on how much energy they get from fossil fuels and on distributors of natural gas for household and business use,” according to the Providence Journal. In a new wrinkle, the 2017 bill takes a regional approach, specifying that the tax will not go into effect unless neighboring states adopt similar measures.


EC Rhode Island is also working to improve the state’s existing legislation on community choice aggregation so that it will benefit more low- and moderate-income residents.


EC Rhode Island has received an allocation of 2014 Community Development Block Grant funds by the City of Providence. These funds will be used to conduct building energy audits for non-profit building owners within the City. The audits serve as the crucial first step in the development of a deep energy retrofit scope of work that will result in increased building energy efficiency, high road wage jobs and greater economic equity within the community.


In Providence there is approximately $30M of building projects in development, through coalition with the City of Providence, National Grid, Brown University, Building Futures, the Rhode Island Building and Construction Trades Council, RI LISC and others. The municipal projects include the Davey Lopes Recreation Center, Police Academy and Carpenter Shop, Reservoir and Branch Avenue Fire Stations, and Museum of Natural History. Also, Olneyville Housing Corporation has partnered with Emerald Cities Rhode Island on substantial historic mill renovation, accounting for the majority of the project pipeline.


EC Rhode Island has undertaken a comprehensive planning process and identified strong market demand generators for school improvements, working closely with City and State governments to pursue $300 million for identified K-12 school building retrofits and potential retrofit projects at six area colleges and universities.


For all projects, Rhode Island has established a sophisticated workforce system and community-construction apprenticeship pipeline, using CWAs and direct hire agreements to place residents into pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training and jobs.



Brigid Ryan: Local Director

E bryan@emeraldcities.org| T 401 486-2727


About Brigid

Since July 2013, Brigid Ryan has been working to pull together the necessary resources and stakeholders needed to implement a replicable deep energy retrofit program for Emerald Cities Providence (ECP). Initial efforts have resulted in moving ECP’s four municipal building pilot project into development with construction expected to start in 2014. Brigid has also been serving on the City’s Sustainable Providence Energy Working Group. In April, Providence’s Mayor Angel Taveras set a goal of achieving 30 percent energy efficiency in all City-controlled buildings by 2030. To achieve that goal, the Sustainable Providence work groups were set up to create a plan and develop metrics to measure the City’s progress. It is anticipated that ECP will play a significant role in helping the City achieve its 2030 municipal building energy goal. Having worked in the field of housing and economic development for 15 years, Brigid is applying her expertise in the areas of project management and finance to ECP’s efforts. Brigid is no stranger to energy efficiency work. During her tenure with a non-profit well known for its pioneering work on energy efficient affordable housing, Brigid developed the first Energy Star certified home in Rhode Island. Brigid has also served as adjunct faculty for the University of Rhode Island and Roger Williams University and has conducted trainings for professional organizations. Brigid obtained a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Illinois University and a Master of Science in Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She resides in Newport, Rhode Island where she serves on the Newport Little League Board of Directors and lends her grant writing skills to local non-profits on a volunteer basis.

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