Peralta Is In


The Peralta Community College District's (PCCD) Board of Trustees have signed a MOU to work with Emerald Cities Oakland on a college-wide energy efficiency retrofit project (special thanks to Peralta's Charles Neal and Trustee Guillen for championing). Emerald Cities Oakland director Tara Marchant, Tim Bankroff of Oakland Shines, and intern Victor Chu, have worked hard to input the PCCD benchmarking baselines into EPA's Energy Star portfolio manager. Together, PCCD and EC Oakland will review the scope of potential retrofit work, identify sources of financing, and negotiate a Community Workforce Agreement. The processes will incorporate community representatives and ensure that created retrofitting jobs will benefit disadvantaged Oakland residents. This is the third community college system to commit to a partnership, following the New Hampshire Community College System & the Community College of San Francisco. ECC's 23-campus Community College Sustainability Initiative will accelerate local sustainability efforts by greening campuses, integrating academic programs, creating high-wage jobs, and contributing faculty, staff, and institutional resources to develop green businesses and communities.

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