ACES Students Begin Pathway to Construction Through Union-Made MC3 Training

By providing training using the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), Caló YouthBuild, a partner to Emerald Cities Los Angeles, has become one of the few organizations offering high school students and out-of-school youth a unique opportunity to get into the building trades.

In 2007, the National Standing Committee on Apprenticeship and Training of the North America's Building Trades Unions identified common elements from all building trades apprenticeship programs, resulting in development – and now nationwide implementation – of the MC3 to provide a gateway to careers in the building trades. 

The MC3 curriculum includes:

  • An introduction to the trade industries and apprenticeship;
  • Applied mathematics for construction;
  • Blueprint reading;
  • Labor history;
  • 10 hours of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training that enables enrollees to recognize and prevent hazards on construction sites;
  • 10 hours of OSHA First Aid Response training with a certificate of completion that is recognized nationally and industry-wide; and
  • First aid and CPR training.

Linking ACES and MC3

Emerald Cities Los Angeles has incorporated MC3 into the ACES Engineering Pathway Program curriculum to create greater exposure to and competency in the building crafts for high school students who -- through ACES -- are co-enrolled in community college courses. In addition, YouthBuild has extended the MC3 vision to include out-of-school youth, according to YouthBuild USA Vice President for Employer Partnerships Daryl Wright.

“In addition to providing important core knowledge and skills for registered apprenticeship, the MC3 has provided an important basis for Caló YouthBuild and other YouthBuild programs across the nation, to forge partnerships with other organizations to support pathways into the construction industry,” said Wright. 

“The innovative part about the ACES project is that it provides a broader set of opportunities for YouthBuild students who might be interested in occupations in architecture, construction and engineering.

"ACES is a great way for YouthBuild students to build upon their MC3 training and get additional exposure to careers.”

"The MC3 training provides students a gateway from high school to apprenticeship and to college," said Robert Zardeneta, Executive Director of Caló YouthBuild. “It combines courses that are common in the construction trade.”

He added, "The diverse training helps students apply what they learn on the projects and makes them more desirable applicants."

Caló YouthBuild provides the MC3 training at Legacy High School and will be expanding in the summer to the Boyle Heights Youth Technology Center.

By creating pathways from high school to joint registered apprenticeships – or to a community or four-year college – ACES and Caló YouthBuild help students achieve their dreams and goals in the construction industry.


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