Community College Initiative

Our community college initiative positions these anchor institutions as leaders in accelerating more environmentally sustainable and just economies. ECC partners with community college systems to help them meet their sustainability commitments. Project outcomes include large-scale carbon reduction as well as creation of high-wage jobs, green tech businesses and sustainable communities. 

Participating colleges benefit from increased operating revenues and student enrollment, as well as a reputation for cutting-edge initiatives in environmental and economic sustainability.

Greening America’s metropolitan areas requires that community institutions take an active role and utilize their full capacities. Community colleges can lead in accelerating local sustainability efforts by greening their campuses, revolutionizing their educational programs and contributing faculty, staff and institutional resources to develop green businesses and communities.  

ECC provides assistance to community colleges in four key areas: 

Campus Sustainability
ECC helps with campus sustainability planning, project development and financing, energy audits and high-road job creation and workforce development.

Sustainability Workforce and Education Curricula
ECC partners with the U.S. Green Building Council and the American Association of Community Colleges’ SEED Center to help campuses design and develop green curricula. 

Green Business Training and Technical Assistance
This component focuses on increasing high-wage jobs and business opportunities for the local community in the emerging green economy, with an emphasis on training and incubating small contractors to compete in the green building sector. 

Community Sustainability
This element – supported by formalized partnerships with two national community college organizations, The Democracy Commitment and the Community Learning Partnership (CLP) – helps our community college partners develop broader civic engagement and leadership capacities to establish curricula, service learning, organizing and advocacy initiatives focused on environmental, social and community change.

We support your community sustainability goals through our affiliation with CLP, a sponsored project of ECC and a national community college initiative dedicated to building college and community capacity to organize and implement sustainable community change initiatives. CLP provides curricula and other training resources, faculty training institutes, experiential learning platforms, case studies and technical assistance to help you build effective college-community partnerships.  


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