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The Drum Beat Gets Louder


The drums are beating louder than ever.  At last.   A growing interest in ‘community and equity inclusion’ seems palpable, especially in the world of sustainable and economic developmen… Read More

Moving The Needle


2014, as every new year, is cause to pause and reflect on your blessings and achievements and to strategize the new year ahead.  For us at ECC it meant asking if we accomplished our 2013 goal: “Moving … Read More

Working Hard for the Next Generation

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

October was a stimulating month. I took a journey into the Emerald field and was blessed with a close-up and personal reminder of what Emerald Cities is all about: The Next Generation! As part of a week-long tre… Read More

The Mondragon Experience - Part Two

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

“Progress is not acquiring more, but being more, acting better, giving more of oneself” - Don Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta, Mondragon Founder In Part I, I recounted my experience in Arrasate… Read More

The Mondragon Experience - Part One

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

It’s not about GDP. Nor jobs. To me, it’s even beyond the quest for economic democracy. Freshly minted from a two-week journey to Basque Country in northern Spain, I am ever more fervent about our sus… Read More

Obama's 'All Above' and 'All In' Plan

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

President Obama is stepping it up. His climate action plan rightfully credits important progress during his first term. But the plan recognizes that there is so much more to do. Not only in prevention but also cl… Read More

The Nexus of Community Health And Wealth

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

Community Institutions – our schools, universities, libraries, churches, and health institutions – have always anchored our communities with essential services. We turn to them to nourish and shelter … Read More

Adaptation: Peril or Promise?

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

I am a bit troubled by the growing interest in climate change adaptation and resiliency. Are you? To me, it signals that we have given up on climate change mitigation. The subliminal message is that it is too har… Read More

A New Year, A New Resolve

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

January always presents a new beginning. It magically opens up space for new resolve, perspectives, and energy (pun intended) to be better and do more. The good news for 2013 on the national front is the reboot o… Read More

Community Colleges As Anchors To High Road Economies

Posted | by Denise Fairchild

Community Colleges have always been at the forefront of economic development.  It has only been recently, however, that they have been recognized, rewarded and supported for their critical roles.  These… Read More

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