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SEIU Call To Action

Posted | by Denise Fairchild
Denise Fairchild

ECC Co-founder and Board Chair Gerry Hudson closed the 2012 SEIU National Convention on May 30th with a call for "A New Together." Rallying a boisterous crowd of more than 3,000 labor, church, and community leaders from across the country, Gerry elevated the founding vision of ECC. He called upon SEIU delegates to move beyond singular concerns about memberships, jobs, wages and benefits, and join the larger movement for human rights, including education, green and healthy communities, immigrant rights, affordable housing, and more. As SEIU pledges a new partnership with the 99% movement and local movements across the country, we at ECC, as leaders in making "A New Together" a reality, should recommit to our own vision that goes beyond green jobs. We also are working to rebuild the labor movement, re-engineer our local economies to be more sustainable, and mainstream marginalized communities.

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