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The 2017 Wake-up Call


What better message and resolve for the start of the 2017 new year! Call me old school, but I remember Wake Up Everybody as not only a great party (bop) song, but also a response to the undemocratic policies, pro… Read More

It’s Time to Win the War for Democracy


If the 2016 presidential campaign tells us anything, it’s that the battle for justice is more important and challenging than ever before. The dismantling of the 1960s Great Society vision, progressive agend… Read More

The De-Democratization of America


The pain and anger are palpable. But so is the resolve. Spending a day with Flint residents recently was revealing. The residents want accountability. They want clean water. They want better lead testing standard… Read More

Reflections on 2015


Twenty-fifteen (2015) was a monumental year on a number of fronts and troubling on others.   On the one hand, climate change took the world stage to good effect as the world struggled anew with human ri… Read More

Skipping “Placed-Based” Work Leaves Cities Vulnerable to Climate Change


Skipping “Placed-Based” Work Leaves Cities Vulnerable to Climate Change Read More

ECC President Shares Labor and Community Perspectives on Building an Energy Democracy Movement


Read More

The Making of an Energy Ghetto


The Making of an Energy Ghetto Read More

Reflections on The People’s Climate March

Be ashamed to die until you have claimed some victory for humanity|Horace Mann This quote was one of the many inspiring messages plastered on t-shirts, placards, banners, floats, balloons, hats, subways, buses a… Read More

Why Resilience?


(In June, Emerald Cities Collaborative convened a half-day forum, “The High Road to Climate Resilience in American Cities. This President’s Perspective is drawn from the opening remarks delivered by E… Read More

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