EC San Francisco Director Describes ECC’s Energy Retrofit Work at ACEEE Finance Forum

As one of the presenters at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s recent Finance Forum, EC San Francisco Director Avni Jamdar brought ECC’s energy retrofit work in affordable multi-family housing to the attention of a group specifically interested in financing for energy efficiency projects.

The panel in which Jamdar participated looked at equity in the delivery of energy services to low- to moderate-income customers and opportunities for energy efficiency to improve the financial health of this market segment.

She presented a case study on a successful $700,000 pilot project that EC San Francisco completed in 2012 involving four buildings and funded by an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant from the San Francisco mayor’s office.

She described EC San Francisco’s key role in facilitating negotiation of a community workforce agreement (CWA) between local building trades unions and the building owner, with community and workforce development partners at the table as well.

A “Community Apprentice” provision in the CWA ensured that at least half of the apprentices called to the jobsite were disadvantaged San Francisco residents who had completed a local trade-certified pre-apprenticeship program, with the goal of having at least a third of all work performed by disadvantaged San Francisco residents. In addition, the trades and the contractor agreed to joint outreach effort to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) subcontractors.

EC San Francisco has standing to grieve on certain CWA clauses and is empowered to monitor the outcomes, including looking at certified payroll data from the city to ensure that the contractor was complying with the CWA.

“The multi-family affordable housing pilot project was a success in meeting the commitments made by the trade unions, the contractors and the building owner for local and disadvantaged hiring,” Jamdar said. “As a result, eight journey-level jobs and two apprentice jobs were created, with six of them filled by San Francisco residents.”

She added, “ EC San Francisco is currently developing larger-scale affordable multi-family projects of this type, using a new third-party financing structure.”


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