1. Can I apply to more than 1 ECC Program?
Yes you can but be sure to prioritize you site preferences. A fellow can only be based in one ECC site. 
2. What do I need to complete my application?
As an applicant you will be applying to a specific ECC Site by submitting an Application Package, and be screened by the director of that location. You may apply to more than one ECC Site, but you must complete an Application Package for each site you apply to.  To view the  Felipe Floresca Fellowship Program Description, and review the unique skill sets and program initiatives of each ECC Site reference this link.
Please provide all necessary requirements of the Application Package and submit your materials by August 11th, 2019, 11:59 pm.
A completed Application Package includes:
  • General Application Questions

  • Recommendation Form                                                                                                                     .

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

  • Writing Sample

  • Application Package Checklist and Agreement Form

Once your Application Package has been completed please email your package as a PDF to the ECC Site you are specifically applying to. Emails to each of the ECC Sites are below.

ECC Washington D.C.- info.hq@emeraldcities.org

ECC Oakland, California- info.oakland@emeraldcities.org

ECC San Francisco, California- info.sf@emeraldcities.org

ECC Seattle, Washington- info.seattle@emeraldcities.org

RSVP  for one of the Info Sessions if you still have questions. There will be three Info Sessions hosted through webinar over the application process. These Info Sessions are a space for prospective candidates to ask questions about ECC, the  Felipe Floresca Fellowship Program, and application process. Missed our Info Sessions? Fill in the RSVP  Form to get access to the presentation and recordings of past sessions. 

3. How is a candidate selected?
Each ECC Site Director who is hosting a fellow will select the best candidate for the role. 
4. Are housing and moving expenses provided? 
You are responsible for finding your own housing. Although we encourage out of state applicants to apply, ECC is not able to provide moving expenses.
5. Is there an interview involved?
Yes. Depending on the site that you are applying to there may one or two rounds of interviews.
6. When are applications due?
Applications are due August 11th, 2019, 11:59 pm PST.
7. Is a level of education required?
Yes, it is required that an applicant has a Bachelor's Degree. 

8. What is an ideal candidate for the High Road Institute Institute? 

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • understands the challenges and opportunities in working with stakeholders;
  • understands cross-disciplinary work and is creative;
  • has an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • and is passionate about social and environmental justice.
9. How many recommendation forms and writing samples does an applicant need to submit?
An applicant only needs to submit one recommendation form and one writing sample.
10. Below are important links for your references: 
If you have any questions please email info.hq@emeraldcities.org or call (202) 449-9781. 

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